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UV is proud to be booking one of the most influential Italian band of the past 15 years, all over Europe.

Giardini di Mirò come from a town, Cavriago, whose honorary mayor, from 1917, is Vladimir Lenin. Nevertheless, their music is dipping in the Anglo-Saxon influence, starting within the end of the century post-rock movement and mixing it up with neopsychedelia, shoegaze, dream pop, noise, post punk but also songwriters music. Since 2001, with the first official album “Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting”, the vocation of the group is to be part of a worldwide scene, with no national boundaries. GDM played in clubs and festivals all over Europe and is very proud of its collaborations with many astonishing musicians: Sara Lov Hood, Alessandro Raina, DNTL, Alias, Hermann & Kleine, Styrofoam, Apparat, Piano Magic, Isan, Paul Anderson, and many others.


In cooperation with Locusta Booking

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